Milk is one of the most important nutrients, and hence it is important to consume it regularly. Powdered milk sachets can help you in achieving the daily milk goal. You can buy them in bulk and store them in your house. This will help you create a consistent supply of milk and consume it on a regular basis. The powdered milk is extracted from whole milk and is packed in sachets to store longer. The milk powder packaging process is simple but several machines are used in packaging.

The packaging is usually carried out in a dry atmosphere because lactose is present in a glass state in the powdered milk, and it is hygroscopic. If the powdered milk is exposed to a humid atmosphere, it will absorb the moisture and become sticky. The milk powder is usually packaged in quality containers that can retain the quality of milk during storage. Some packaging experts take it a step further by entrapping and removing the oxygen from air cells.

The milk powder packaging is done for two purposes, bulk, and retail. The process and containers for both are different and you can find a variety of both, bulk and retail packages.

Bulk Packaging

Bulk packaging refers to the traditional packaging of 25 kg milk powder. The packages are lined with polyethylene multi-wall paper sacks. This is the most versatile type of packaging, and this is why this type of packaging remains the most preferred bulk container for powdered milk. This type of packaging method has a multitude of benefits like being low in cost, capable of being packed in high production rates, and being robust.

The package is gas-flushed to store whole milk powder. This additional step can increase the shelf-life of the product. Gas-flushed packages are sturdier, and they improve the barrier properties, which can help maintain a modified atmosphere within the packet. Some markets require large packets (300 kg) of milk powder delivered in gas-flushed packets.

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Retail Packaging

● Metal cans

Metal cans are the most common method of milk powder packaging, and this method dominates the retail packaging industry, but the competition is increasing with the introduction of other viable solutions like plastic laminates. Companies are now using different techniques to package the powdered milk for the retail market.

The metal cans work like a milk container for powdered milk. Although it is a prevalent choice in the packaging market, cost and rust are two of the major drawbacks of this packaging. To reduce the severity of rust the industry has started using aluminum for the cans. The milk powder cans found in the retail market can be 1, 2.5, and 5-pound in weight.

● Sachets or Packs

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In recent years, flexible packaging methods have been developed. The sachet packs are the result of modern packaging techniques; these packets vary from simple flat-pack styles to polyethylene laminates. These sachets are filled with powdered milk and heat-sealed around the edges. New methods like soft can are also emerging, and if done right, they can become the most common Milk Powder Packaging technique.

Final Words

Milk powder can save you multiple trips to the grocery store and can be a great addition to your diet. Getting your milk powder from a trusted supplier will help you get the best quality product consistently. Silverline is one of the most reputed milk powder suppliers in the market. We provide the best products at affordable costs. To know more, visit our website, or get in touch with us at 04 - 2955336.