Who We Are

Silver Line Gate Food Stuff Trading LLC is a company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and specialized in supplying entire range of Milk Powder (IFCMP, FCMP, SMP, FFMP). In addition to that we have diversified ourselves into Dairy Products, Bakery Ingredients like Butter, Whey Powder and Vegetable Shortening.

We stand for an open and stable relationship with our customers based on performance, reliability and friendship. We pride ourselves in understanding our customers' needs and our commercial team does its utmost to fulfil those requirements, day in, day out.

We deal in brands like Lancy, Gardo, Silva and SLG which are very familiar with the customers throughout the G.C.C., African Market and South East Asia. We also provide different packaging of Milk Powder in various sizes depending on the Customer requirements.

Why Choose Us