Silver Line Gate Foodstuff Trading LLC

Tasteful and nutritious dairy products for a better you

Based in Dubai, UAE, Silver Line Gate FoodStuff Trading LLC is one of the leading suppliers of milk and related products. The company specializes in supplying milk powder (IFCMP, FCMP, SMP, FFMP) in addition to bakery products such as butter, whey powder, and vegetable shortening.


Global Reach

Silver Line Gate supplies dairy ingredients such as whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, fat filled milk powder, full cream milk powder, and butter. We market and distribute our own consumer products, even act as wholesale food suppliers for bakeries.

Private Branding

Silver Line Gate private label products for our customers own brands. These products are manufactured to our customers specific requirements.

Customized Packaging

Silver Line Gate offers you flexible solutions by delivering a wide range of milk powders, in a variety of compositions, origins and packaging according to your requirements.

Commitment in Work

After many years of successful activity, we have solid knowledge that helps us fully support our existing and new customers, build and maintain long term relationships.

Open & Transparent

We will always be as open and transparent as possible with all our customers; about our dairy products, about the price, about the market.

Positive Attitude

We try to build up a synergetic system with our customers and suppliers, which requires not only things but also people to become interrelated and interdependent.